COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Deep Cleaning & Decontamination Services in Essex

What is the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Coronavirus COVID-19 has had colossal impacts to countries all around the world. Put simply COVID-9 is a respiratory illness which to date has no reports of a vaccine being available. The first case of Coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019. It is reported that symptoms are flu like and include coughing, sore throat, fever and shortness of breath. Most people manage to recover from Coronavirus whilst others (with underlying health issues) end up losing their life. Unfortunately, since this is still a new virus, detailed information is limited and worldwide research is ongoing to learn more about it. What is a known fact is that the Coronavirus COVID-19 is highly contagious and can be very easily spread from one person to person. The most effective way to fight against it is good personal hygiene and disinfection.

Here at Westland Environmental we have developed a Coronavirus (COVID-19) deep cleaning strategy following the best guidance taken from Public Health England (PHE). Our methods include the use of state of the art Fogging equipment ensuring the best Coronavirus decontamination service in Essex. Our service is available for all non-health care premises that have either a confirmed case of Coronavirus or are simply looking to take precautionary measures.

Westland Environmental are specialists in deep cleaning services of all types of premises including commercial and residential properties. If you have a suspected contamination or maybe you just simply want to have your premises professionally cleaned and decontaminated, helping to significantly reduce the threat of COVID-19, call Westland Environmental on 01277 287472.

Our expert Coronavirus sanitising units are available 24 hours a day and we have a same day response rate in case of an emergency. Each of our specialist cleans are followed up with a full report, pictures and video detailing surfaces and areas covered, when they were cleaned and who by and are all individually assessed.

Westland Environmental also offers scheduled daily and weekly cleans (even if only precautionary) for clients in and around the Essex area requiring the highest levels of hygiene for employees and clients attending the premises. This service can be tailored to the needs and requirements of the client but can include daily or weekly fogging and touch point surface sanitisation.

What is fogging?

Our Fogging methods produces micro droplets of disinfectant and biocides that will remain airborne for up to 10 minutes after the process is complete. Carrying out this process in the office or home means the decontamination solution works in those hard to reach areas that are difficult to clean thoroughly if being cleaned with your everyday cleaning methods. It is proven that Fogging reduces the number of viable infectious pathogens present on all surfaces and the air problem free. Everyday conventional cleaning products claim to kill 99.9% of germs, this is often not the case. This is mainly due to the way they are applied. As an alternative to conventional specialist cleaning, fogging kills all but 0.0001% of eradicate all harmful micro-organisms.

Before ruling out a Coronavirus deep clean, take a minute to answer the following questions:

  • Within your premises, are there high traffic areas?
  • Does your businesses have a large and regular footfall?
  • Do you want to ensure your customers and employees are safe whilst on your premises?
  • Would you like to minimise staff absence?
  • Do I want to ensure that loss of custom is kept to an absolute minimum?
  • Do you serve food and/or drink to employees or the general public?

If the answer to any of the above questions is Yes, then your Essex based premises will benefit from a COVID-19 decontamination or prevention deep clean.

For COVID-19 decontamination in Essex, London and Kent, call 01277 287472