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About Westland

We are asbestos removal specialists, based in Essex, providing asbestos removal services throughout the UK to a diverse range of clients.

We have carried out projects for a wide range of clients, throughout London and the South East.

Westland are a leading provider of asbestos services with over 25 years of experience on asbestos projects located throughout Essex, London and the South East. We offer a range of professional services covering asbestos management, removal, surveying and demolition. Our detailed method statements, for all our services, ensure best practice throughout the works and deliver outstanding results for all our clients.

asbestos removal

Projects we have undertaken include: Eastbourne Central Library; Chelsea Methodist Church, Chelsea White Oak Leisure Centre, Kent; St Mary′s Catholic High School, Croydon; Ecclesbourne School, Surrey; Gateway Primary School, London; St Wilfreds Catholic Primary School, West Sussex; Glenthorne High School, Surrey; Harefield Hospital; Mary Seacole House, Clapham; Cornwall Terrace, London; Park Inn, Russell Square; Cowdray Centre.

Companies we have worked for include: Fortnum & Mason; McBains & Cooper, Penfolds Arien; Invicta Analytical Service Ltd; A1 Kiwi Construction Ltd; Oakmont Construction Ltd, Hilife Construction Co. Ltd; R & R London Ltd, J F Hunt Demolition Ltd; J F Hunt Environmental Ltd; Atlas Demolition, C.B. Demolition Specialists Ltd.